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Substance Use Prevention & Rehabilitation

Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder is the persistent use of drugs (including alcohol) despite substantial harm and adverse consequences resulting from their use.
Many victims of substance misuse are able to leave or change their unhealthy behavior with the help of family and professional rehab support.


Free-mind therapy uses a combination of behavioral and cognitive approaches in providing effective recovery from addiction. We believe in a client-centered model of therapy that involves meeting with the victims to ensure their specific needs are addressed.

Why We Care About Prevention

Given the impact of substance misuse, it is critical to prevent its full spectrum from start and identify victims for early intervention.

We conduct Evidence-based prevention interventions because they delay early drug use and stop the progression from use to addiction, all of which are associated with costly individual, social, economic and public health consequences.

Negative health and social problems associated with substance misuse:

Our Prevention Interventions

We concurrently use three categories of prevention interventions: universal, selective, and indicated aimed at reaching out to the entire population.
Universal Prevention Intervention
We universally attempt to reduce a variety of risk factors by advocating for policies like; setting minimum legal drinking age, reducing the availability of substances in the community, and reducing hours and days of alcohol sales.
Selective Interventions
We run specialized prevention programs and campaigns on selected communities, families, or individuals who are at increased risk of substance misuse problems due to their exposure to risk factors. 
Indicated Interventions
We provide remedies to those who are already victims of substance/alcohol misuse or are beginning to have problems due to substance misuse. We provide intensive therapies to limit negative consequences.
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Rehabilitation Interventions

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