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Summary Of The Case Studies

As a skilled psychologist, she is always obsessed with her handsome husband, who has relationships beyond her control. While the whole day she was only busy with work and patients with psychological instability, her husband often goes back and forth on business trips away from the builders. Obsessed with the day he will lose him, so even after turning 40, she still tried to give birth to a son to suit his wishes. But unfortunately, the difficult birth led her to illness. And from there, she became increasingly stressed with baseless fantasies. She surrounded him everywhere with talented spies.

Symptoms Encountered

People experience depression in different ways. Some people may have classic symptoms, such as sadness and despair. Others may have signs that you don’t think are depressive, such as extreme tiredness or irritability. The type and severity of symptoms vary by individual and may change over time. Consider these common symptoms of depression:

Therapies For This Case

Expert In This Case:

Nabanja Robinah

Family Happiness Psychologist

Expert said: Many people assume that once the caregiver ends, the stress of having to provide direct care will disappear. However, the researchers found that even after the husband or wife had dementia for three years.

Mode Of Treatment

Many complementary medicines and alternative therapies are proposed to deal with depression. Some methods have been tested in scientific clinical trials, but many have not yet been tested. The following is an overview of some common therapies:

Supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids can help relieve depression.

Brain stimulation therapies like Electroconvulsive therapy & Transcranial magnetic stimulation may be advised for acute cases.


Lifestyle and home remedies recommended below are self-care tips that can help:

Avoid alcohol and substance use. they don’t lessen depression but rather generally worsen symptoms and make depression harder to treat.

Treatment Results

Depression disorder can make you feel exhausted, helpless, and hopeless. Such negative thoughts and feelings can make some people feel like giving up. It is important to recognize that these negative views are part of depression and may not accurately reflect the situation. The following are guidelines that follow the recommendations of the Institute of Health.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

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Akello Brenda


“Robinah is a well-established psychologist and delivers a very professional service. As a skilled therapist David brings not only depth, warmth and wisdom to his practice, she also has a sense of humour and very charm, that invites trust and ease to her clients. Dr Marina Husban has an awful lot of client that can testify to her success”

Case Studies Detail

Clients: Akello Brenda
Expert Receipt Case: Nabanja Robinah
Symptoms Encountered: recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or an attempt at suicide
Treatment Time: 3 Month
Resuilt: Successful Treatment

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